I Used To Play Video Games But Now I Don’t

When he did have time he always had to download updates on his PS3. Then the games required updates. Most of you understand the quandary: when you only have a spare hour of leisure time in your day, every second counts. A series of updates might actually ruin your planned night of gaming.

The modern gaming user experience is a nightmare of progress bars. Reminds me of this tweet I saw a few weeks ago:

A thoughtful look at Law and Order SVU’s Goomergort episode

The secret best line in the piece:

SVU takes place in an alternate universe where the NYPD takes sexual-assault victims completely seriously, prioritizes their safety and dishes out vigilante beatdowns in defense of marginalized citizens rather than against them

Silence about #germergert at DICE

How DICE attendees felt about everyone’s least favorite game of 2014:

Perhaps the most depressing explanation for the industry’s general silence, though, was that when a segment of your audience is threatening violence against your peers for speaking up, the rational response is to protect yourself and let them absorb the heat.

“If someone else is on fire and I try to go put her out, I’m just going to catch on fire myself,” one developer said.