A thoughtful look at Law and Order SVU’s Goomergort episode

The secret best line in the piece:

SVU takes place in an alternate universe where the NYPD takes sexual-assault victims completely seriously, prioritizes their safety and dishes out vigilante beatdowns in defense of marginalized citizens rather than against them

Alan Sepinwall writes about the unlikely creation of ‘Lost’

In an excerpt from his book:

As the show continued to be wildly popular in those early weeks, Lindelof says, “I was completely and totally creatively crippled by people saying two things: 1) ‘How are they going to keep this up?’ And I had no idea. 2) ‘They better have really satisfying answers to all these mysteries.’ And I was like, ‘We have satisfying answers for all the character ones.’”

Yeah, that pretty much sums up ‘Lost.’